Game to Grow

Game to Grow is a non-profit organization based out of Seattle, WA that has utilized role playing games along with other table top games to help kids meet therapeutic goals.  They have grown substantially in the past few years and their founders Adam Johns and Adam Davis have appeared on multiple podcasts and panels across the country discussing their process for utilizing gaming for therapeutic means.  They are one of the biggest inspirations for Roll for Progress.  Check them out!


The Bodhana Group

The Bodhana group is a non-profit group out of York, PA who has been using therapeutic gaming to work with kids since 2009.  They are one of the pioneers in therapeutic gaming.  Their videos and appearances have influenced a generation of therapists/gamers to combine their two passions to help children achieve their goals.  Check out this local group for more information!


RPG Research

RPG Research is an open sharing community that provides a variety of information, research, and news articles regarding the use of role playing games and other experiential types of therapy.  They have an incredible list of resources and information for those looking to learn more about the use of games in therapy.


Therapy in Play

Therapeutic Gaming Group located in Perth Amboy, NJ.  They provide multiple types of therapeutic gaming services for children and have a great blog on their site!  Check them out!


Rolling for Change Podcast

Rolling for Change is one of my absolute favorite podcasts about using table top games as a form of therapy.  Woody Harris, a therapist utilizing table top gaming in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA.  Rolling for Change gives other Therapeutic Table Top Gaming Therapists from around the country a space to discuss their work through very entertaining interviews!


Take This

Take This is an organization that seeks to reduce the stigma of mental health issues and increase support within the gaming community.